Meet the team

Liat Amar Arran
Jewish Agency Representative & Director of Israel Centre South Africa

Liat is an organizational and social Psychologist (PhD). Her professional background is coming from directing and facilitating different social organizations, processes and projects. Liat is also a Professor for last 16 years (was recognized) at different academic institutions (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Sapir college etc..)

Between 2016-2018 Liat had a role in assisting a process as a group facilitator of the task force of “living together” organization, dealing with the Israeli society.
Between 2012-2016 Liat has served as the CEO and Professional Director at the “Hetz Shikum at the community”, a company of mental illness rehabilitation.

She also served as a mentor in the Rothschild Ambassadors organization, as well as a research consultant. In the past, Liat has served as a lecturer and head of research at several academic and non-academic institutions and worked as part of the organizational development team at Intel.

Liat’s professional experience includes roles at the School for Overseas Students at the Hebrew University, ISEF, in Jewish-Arab dialogue, at the Brandeis Bardin Institute, and as an emissary to the FSU, public activist, and a volunteer at the mother-to-mother program.

In addition, Liat was a co-founder of the secular-religious residential community Eliav, in the Lachish regional council.

Batya Shmueli
Community & Aliyah Shlicha in Cape Town

Batya Shmueli currently serves as the Community & Aliyah Shlicha in Cape Town. Over the past twenty years, Batya has been involved with community work and fundraising for Israel’s new immigrant communities. Assisting families in adapting and becoming accustomed to their new life in Israel.

Her previous position was as the Resource Development and Community Relations Manager at a Youth Village in Israel, a shelter for at-risk immigrant children from around the world. Her role was to facilitate a team of volunteers with diverse expertise and financial resources in order to support the children and graduates.

Batya grew up along the banks of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia. The story of her transition from rural village life to the fast pace of modern day Israel showcases the transition from agrarian village life to a land that was dreamed about by her forefathers.

Batya and her family moved to Israel in 1991 where they lived in a caravan near a small town in the Galilee. She attended a local boarding school during the three years they spent there. As an immigrant, Batya found adjusting to her new culture difficult.

Upon graduation from high school, Batya joined an elite naval commando unit of the Israeli Navy. In addition to receiving her B.A. from Haifa University, she is a certified group facilitator and holds a master’s degree in Jewish history and Hebrew law.

Her studies completed, Batya decided to devote her life to helping others. She developed a program called “Willing and Able” that teaches young students about leadership. As part of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Batya returned to Ethiopia in 2009 to educate village women about entrepreneurship.

Batya is married to Hed Shmueli, a sculptor and artist. The couple has three children and live in the artists’ village, Ein Hod in Israel. Several years ago, she and Hed set up the Abraham Tent for Israel Trail hikers to give them a shower, a place to sleep, and a Shabbat meal.

In March 2021, Batya and her family arrived in Cape Town to start their joint Shlichut, and her husband Hed is now involved in managing the Zionism Department at United Herzlia schools.

debbie hurwitz
Debbie Hurwitz
Executive Administrator and PA to the Israel Centre Director in Johannesburg

Debbie is the Executive Administrator and PA to the Director of the Israel Centre.Israel is her passion and she has been working at the Israel Centre since 2007.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about The Israel Centre and booking an appointment with an Aliyah Shaliach.

Ziva Taitz
Aliyah Consultant in Johannesburg

During the Aliyah process, Ziva will guide you and ensure that your Aliyah process runs smoothly. Ziva will conduct the initial Aliyah interview. She will attend to your Aliyah file’s approval, arrange your Ole Visa with the Israeli embassy, and finally organise Aliyah flight arrangements for you.

Sharon Greenblatt
Aliyah representative in Cape Town

Sharon is the Israel Centre Aliyah representative in Cape Town. During the Aliyah process, she will guide you and ensure that your Aliyah process runs smoothly.

Sharon will interview Olim and ensure that your Aliyah file is complete and ready for approval.  She will attend to your Aliyah file’s approval, arrange your Ole Visa with the Israeli embassy, and finally organise Aliyah flight arrangements for you.

Tanya Izaki
Aliyah & Absorption Consultant in Johannesburg

Tanya provides information about various aspects of absorption into Israel to potential olim. She will assist with information on schooling options, army service and tertiary education.

Tanya is also available to advise on professional licensing, CV adaptation

Mendy Grauman
Israel Youth Programme Consultant Masa Israel Journey
livnat katz
Livnat Katz
Na'ale Regional manager, South Africa

Livnat is the representative of Naale Elite Academy – Free High school in Israel. Having experience with Naale schools throughout Israel, she will help you navigate your way through the process and make the most of your experience.

Ronli Dorfman
Youth Education Co-odinator

Ronli Dorfman oversees the EduIsrael portfolio and International partnership programs.
In her role as the Education Supervisor, Ronli in involved with the many Zionist education programs at schools and managers the national Hebrew Ulpan program that is a community offering.

Ronli is the supervisor for the Diller Teen Fellows Program, a selective international youth leadership program for Grade 11 students.
In addition, she oversees and runs the P2G Program (Partnership Together), which brings our local community closer to Israel.Ronli is passionate about Israel, dispelling the myths surrounding it, and she has a genuine interest in youth and Jewish education.
For more information, feel free to contact Ronli Dorfman at 011 645 2535